:: eMotion Tech Tutorials ::

eMotion basics, and then using eMersion data streams to control other programs. John Park demonstrates sending eMotion DDW tracks to Processing.

For Ableton: Nathan Asman put together this fantastic tutorial on getting eMersion Gesture Control data from our software to Ableton. Quickly learn to use the Ableton MIDI map and eMotion DDW track MIDI outputs.

For MaxMSP: This program is compatible with many eMotionSoft native apps! Inventor, Chet Udell posted this tutorial on setting up your eMersion sensors super fast using Data Processor Plugins for MaxMSP.

In this brief tutorial, Chet Udell demonstrates eMersion control of DMX lights (ADJ Mega Par Profile) using the eMotion Accelerate™.
Items you need:
eMersion system and/or software (software capable of controlling DMX w/o hardware)
Light that takes DMX control data (read the manual for DMX channel setup and options!!)

Getting Started with eMersion system and eMotion Software

Set up eMersion with MaxMSP FAST using the eMotionSoft Data Processing Plugins!

In this basic tutorial, Jon Bellona demonstrates routing eMersion sensors using DDW tracks to control KYMA.

This tutorial demos the difference between "Components" and "Modules" and teaches you to make your own modules using Cycling74's MaxMSP to customize the capacities of the eMotion software.

Getting eMotion DDW track data to control other music programs, sending data over network, and using Cycling74's MaxMSP to route data to your patch.

Control video games with eMersion sensors! This tutorial goes over the basics of "eMotion Switchblade," which emulates keypad and mouse events from DDW tracks to control virtually anything!