eMersion™ Gold + Free Shipping


eMersion™ Gold + Free Shipping

399.00 450.00

:: eMersion™ Gesture Control System ::


:: Sleek Enclosures
:: eMersion Link™ (wireless receiver and charging station)
:: eMersion Twist™ (wireless orientation sensor with 3xAccelerometer, 3xGyro, 3xMagnetometer)
:: eMersion Accelerate™ (wireless 3xAccelerometer with 4 sensor plugin ports)
:: SensorPak (extend the sensing abilities of your Accelerate™ with Exert[pressure], Wave[distance], and Flash[light]). Plug directly in to the Accelerate™

:: Everything you need to get going right out of the box
* Includes free eMotion Software Download ($50 value)
* enclosure appearance may vary
* $399 is limited-time promotional price

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