:: Made with eMotion ::

:: eMersion Teaser ::

This teaser video features eMotion control of Analog Synthesizers, DMX lights, Ableton Live, MaxMSP, and KYMA.

:: eMersion-controlled DJ Software ::

Connor J Sullivan, turntablist for Medium Troy, uses eMersion Twist on wrist to control Serato DJ software. Twisting the wrist controls filter sweep; waving and chopping gestures trigger sound cues.

:: eMersion-enabled Trumpet ::

Mike Pounds demonstrates the eMersion Twist to control effects processing on his trumpet and triggering percussive effects. YAMAHA Silent Brass mute is used to amplify the trumpet sound. Cycling74's MaxMSP used to process the sound.

:: eMersion-enabled Hat ::

Nathan Asman's "Crayonada's Hat" employs an eMotion Twist, giving his hat a seemingly magical ability to control Ableton Live.

:: Ghost DJ Control ::

Gabriel Montufar (DJ Monty) featuring the eMotion Twist controlling Ableton Live, filters, and triggering vocal samples.

:: Controlling Analog Synths ::

In this tutorial, Seth Shafer demonstrates gesture-to-CV control of a synthesizer using eMersion Accelerate and plugging in "Exerts" i.e. pressure pads.

:: eMersion & KYMA ::

Jon Bellona using the eMersion Twist to control sound in KYMA. Skip to 2:45 to see the music demo!