:: Specs ::

Want to know what is under the hood of the eMersion system? Here is are a few specs that detail the power and capability of our tech:

:: Wireless Transmit Range :: up to 100 ft, line of sight (corners, walls, radio interference may vary)

:: Transmit rate :: Currently set to 40Hz or 25 milliseconds. Our unique balance of battery life and response speed. Very low latency and excellent for tracking continuous performance gestures.

:: Sensor Resolution :: 10-bit, range of 0 - 1023 :: 4x better than MIDI ! ( 7-bit, 0 - 127)

:: Data Outputs :: MIDI, OpenSoundControl (OSC), UDP (network), DMX (lights), Switchblade (key and mouse commands), special MaxMSP object tool kit for building extensions.

:: Lithium Polymer Battery :: lasts over 26 hours full operation on a single charge, about 1 hour to completely charge from full depletion.

:: eMote sensor types ::

:: Twist :: 3xacclerometer, 3xgyroscope, 3x magnetometer; data fusion algorithm gives Roll, Tilt, and Yaw degrees (Euler X,Y,Z), free fall detection, and access to all 9 sensor streams.

:: Accelerate :: embedded 3-axis accelerometer, 4 x open ports to plug in our extra sensors, or plug in ones of your own. Takes 3 pin 3V and 5V powered sensors AND 2-pin variable resistors. Unique circuit on board all ports enable it to taking almost any sensor! Go to places like Sparkfun.com or Mouser.com, find sensors you like, and plug them in!

Accelerate sensors we currently provide:

:: Exert, pressure pad

:: Wave, Sonar distance, 1cm resolution, range from 4in to 300 in (25ft!)

:: Flash, light sensor

:: Flex, Bend, vibration and stretch sensor

:: Breath, humidity sensor