eMersion Immersion workshop at NYCEMF 2014

Going to the big city! Inventor of the eMersion Gesture Control System, Dr. Chet Udell, will be hosting a series of workshops at the New York City ElectroAcoustic Music Festival 2014 (NYCEMF).

The eMotion@NYCEMF Brown-Bag Workshop series provides an exciting, gentle, and fun intro to using eMersion Gesture Control. Participants will explore nuanced, dynamic, and idiomatic ways to translate movement, proximity, pressure, light, orientation, momentum, and more into data streams that control virtually any program on your computer.

Topics include:

  • Intro to hardware, various wireless sensor types and function, useful general knowledge
  • Visualizing, processing, and routing your wireless sensor streams using a Digital Data Workstation (DDW)
  • Send data into your programs of choice using MIDI and OSC output (MaxMSP, Kyma, Csound, SuperCollider, Ableton etc)
  • Controlling DMX Lights
  • Use eMotion SwitchBlade to control any computer program (including video games)