eMotion Tech Talk at SEAMUS 2015, Virginia Tech

It was sunny, energetic and FREEZING at the 30th annual SEAMUS 2015 National conference at Virginia Tech March 26-28. CEO and Inventor of eMotion Tech, Chet Udell, presented a fantastic Tech Talk on the eMersion™ Gesture Control System. Founded in 1984, SEAMUS stands for the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States and is a premiere venue for electronic music composers and performers nation-wide. After a brief demo, he discussed a variety of applications the system has been used for. In addition to giving performers new ways to control electronic music and digital media using their instruments, bodies, and environment. eMersion™ has also been employed in secondary-school STEM+Arts programs as a quick and easy way to introduce teachers and students to the world of sensor control and interactivity with our digital world.
In addition to the Tech Talk, Nathan Asman performed live music using MaxMSP and Albeton Live controlled by a magical hat that could sense movement using eMersion™ for a crowd of over a thousand enthusiastic middle school students. Dr. Udell also diffused some electronic music along-side hundreds of other conference participants in one of Virginia Tech's most interesting facilities; a new virtual reality space with 140-something loudspeakers, appropriately called "the Cube."

Chet Udell @ SEAMUS'15 VA-Tech

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We have 30 new users in countries that include: USA, Brazil, Argentina, United Arab Emirates, Korea, UK, Australia, and Italy. 5 Universities have adopted our system as well to use in their electronic music studios. We brought this new technology to life together; and for this I am sincerely thankful. - Chet Udell, CEO, eMotion Tech

eMersion Gesture Control System. Kickstarter donations helped pay for the design and fabrication of enclosures

eMersion Immersion workshop at NYCEMF 2014

Going to the big city! Inventor of the eMersion Gesture Control System, Dr. Chet Udell, will be hosting a series of workshops at the New York City ElectroAcoustic Music Festival 2014 (NYCEMF).

The eMotion@NYCEMF Brown-Bag Workshop series provides an exciting, gentle, and fun intro to using eMersion Gesture Control. Participants will explore nuanced, dynamic, and idiomatic ways to translate movement, proximity, pressure, light, orientation, momentum, and more into data streams that control virtually any program on your computer.

Topics include:

  • Intro to hardware, various wireless sensor types and function, useful general knowledge
  • Visualizing, processing, and routing your wireless sensor streams using a Digital Data Workstation (DDW)
  • Send data into your programs of choice using MIDI and OSC output (MaxMSP, Kyma, Csound, SuperCollider, Ableton etc)
  • Controlling DMX Lights
  • Use eMotion SwitchBlade to control any computer program (including video games)

on CNN

Music 'hackers' unleash new generation of cool and bizarre instruments

This recent article on CNN (5.14.14) focuses on the increasingly popular practice of "hacking" musical instruments to create new ways of making music. Chet Udell's Augmented Trombone, complete with amplification, DMX light+video control, and wireless sensors using eMersion is highlighted. See the full article here.

Margaret Guthman Competition 2014 :: eMersion places into the Top 8 Finalists

eMersion placed into the top 8 Finalists at the Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition 2014. This year's International competition featured a wide variety of cutting edge technologies from all over the world, applied to creating the next generation of musical controllers and instruments. Competitors for eMersion were inventor Chet Udell and Beta member Jon Bellona. Media from the competition will be posted below when available.

eMersion Competes at Georgia Tech Internaltional Competition

eMersion is selected as a semi-finalist to compete in Georgia Tech's Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition Feb 20-21 2014! This year features 21 semi-finalists chosen from around the world including USA, Canada, Protugal, UK, Poland, Japan, India, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, and Sweden! Judges Young Guru (Grammy-nominated engineer to Jay-Z), Chris Moore (composer, performer and Georgia Tech professor), and David Zicarelli (co-founder of MaxMSP Cycling 74) as well as with fellow contestants and the Georgia Tech community will preside over the competition.