:: eXpand ::

eMersion enables you to control the hardware, software, instruments, and effects you already use and love! Here are a few systems we've tested and recommend to expand your expressive capacities:

The standalone software sends controller data via MIDI and OpenSoundControl and UDP (over network). The eMersion works with virtually any software or hardware that receives MIDI input. Basically, anywhere you use a pedal, mouse, keypad or controller in your setup, it can be replaced using eMersion.

:: Mac OSX

:: Windows (version coming soon!)

:: Ableton

:: MaxMSP and Max-for-Live

:: Logic

:: Protools

:: Processing

:: Propellerhead REASON

:: Csound

:: Supercollider

:: PureData

:: Reaktor

:: Just about all computer games

:: DMX Light Control Protocol (DMX-USBPRO interface not included)

:: Microsoft Office (Powerpoint, Excel etc)

:: Analog Synthesizers (MIDI to CV interface not included)

:: Web browsers

:: MatLab